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Useful Information Prior to Arrival

Please see below for some useful information for international students. These guides are helpful tools for international students arriving and settling into life in the UK. Also visit our ChiOnline site for more useful information.

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Useful Links:

Transport for London           UKVI Website               British Council          

English UK                   Sussex Police               Southern Railway           Visit Chichester Website  



College Policies

How We Teach

How We Teach - Summer School

Safeguarding Students and Adults at Risk

Problem or Question?

Which Exam Should I Take?

Feedback and Complaints

How Will My Progress Be Assessed?

Punctuality Policy

Student Anti-bullying Policy

Student Behaviour Policy

Travel Information

Terms and Conditions

Care, Support and Medicines Policy


Accommodation Policies


Accommodation Services Complaints Procedure

Host Family Agreement - Terms and Conditions

Private Accommodation

Stockbridge Halls Handbook

Westgate Halls Handbook

Stockbridge Summer School Guidelines


Care of Under 18s

Please see below for some information regarding the care of our under 18 students.

Care of 16 and 17 Year Olds

Guidelines For Hosting Under 18's Students

Student Under 18 Studying on Adult Course Waiver



Cambridge Examinations

Anglia Examinations

Terms & Conditions

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